Monday, December 6, 2010

Periolous book review

It's my turn to review Tamara Hart Heiner's new book, Perilous. I'm so excited to do this for her. She's a wonderful person, a great friend, and a fantastic writer. We met due to the fact that we both had contracts with WiDo Publishing.

Perilous begins with a group of four girls doing what girls do best. Shopping! At the end of their day of fun, while waiting to be picked up at the mall, they witness a burglary. In their surprise, they try to get away, but of course, like all good stories, they are caught by the bad guys. This book is a tale of their adventures in traveling across the U.S., trying to get home to their families. Not all of them make it.

Now, if there's one thing I hate. It's reading books on the computer. When Tamara sent me the PDF file for an early review, I dreaded it. But what surprised me was that I couldn't stop reading! I sat here all day staring at my lovely computer screen until I finished the story. It kept me spell-bound until the end. Teens will love this fun thriller and the ride they take until the end.

It's left open at the end for a sequel but I would have liked a more complete ending. The other thing that would have made it better in my opinion, would be deeper developed characters, but I don't blame this on Tamara. I know her editor. I had the same one. I know she was forced to cut a lot of information that would have made the characters richer and more meaty. She should have been able to keep some of that good stuff. It is a YA after all. Enough said.

But all that aside, it was a very fun story! I can't wait to read the sequel to find out what happens in the very end! Perilous is a definite must buy!


Wendy Lu said...

This sounds so interesting! :D Thanks for sharing the review. ^^


Old Kitty said...

I'm still getting used to ARCs sent to me as pdfs!!!!

Great review!!! Good luck to Tamara Hart Heitner's with her debut novel!!!

Take care

Jamie Manning said...

I'm with you on the PDF thing...very hard to stare at a computer all night after staring at one all day!

And I'm holding off buying a copy of Perilous in the HIGH HOPES that I may win one...but the waiting is torture!

Thanks for the review!

Joanna St. James said...

I'm going to buy a copy and if i win one then I can use that in my giveaway next year.
Glad Tamara's book is getting some well deserved publicity.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

Melissa, you're awesome! Thanks for posting this!

Karen Jones Gowen said...

OOo Melissa I love the new look of your blog! And I agree--Tamara's book is awesome! btw thanks for your comment on my post today, it was so sweet. You are a talented, kind, wonderful person-- I hope I get to see you again at a writer's conference or somewhere :)

Unknown said...

When I started out reading ebooks, I felt the same way but somewhere along the line I fell in love with the ability to buy a book online and read it immediately. especially that I live overseas and shippments tend to take forever.

Good luck to Tamara , and btw I just LOVE the new theme for your blog :)

Rachelle Christensen said...

Cool! Yep, I don't like to read books on the computer because it makes my eyes tired.
I'm excited to read this one though in hard copy.

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