Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Book

It's amazing how fast a week flies by. Sorry I've haven't written but I have been editing madly and I want my book to be perfect.

I have spent hours on this book. I love it. I know it's good. The reason I know this is because the people who will one day buy it are raving about it already. I have passed around a manuscript to my nieces and nephews (and my own children) just to get their opinion. They couldn't lay it down! In fact, my niece Hannah called to give advice on the second book in the series. I thought this was funny considering I haven't found a buyer for the first yet! She also said it was better than Harry Potter. Now I don't know if that is true, but dang! My ego is soaring!

Also, my son took the manuscript to school (which I could have killed him for) and passed it around to his friends who all supposedly loved it. Now to find an agent who loves it.

So, I polish this manuscript, make the appropriate changes, cry and pull my hair out and still, no takers. Argg! It's all in who you know and I don't know many people in New York! =)

Anyway, onword and upward. I will not give up. This is too important to me.


Amy said...

I hope you can find somebody and it goes big. And then I can tell everybody that I knew you before you were famous. lol I am also excited to read it. I am a big reader and partial to YA fiction.

Josi said...

It's not all about who you know--if you convince yourself of that you'll give up. It's about getting your book to the right agent and that only happens through perseverance. Don't give yourself excuses to give up at this point :-) That's awesome you got such great feedback from readers, way to go! And congrats on finishing. Most 'writers' never do.

Julie Wright said...

Don't give up! You will be amazing and great and wonderful!

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