Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is for Weird & Wild

One of the things I've always loved about me is my dreams. I'm talking about the dreams I have when I'm asleep. Every night they're super vivid. It's like going to the movies for free. More than once I've gotten ideas for books from my wild and crazy dreams.

Last night I dreamed I was in an elite singing group made up of eight authors. We were singing "Born to Fly" to a group of people in some sort of dining room. I kept messing up the words. The only other person I remember from the dream was Josi Kilpack. She sang great if I recall correctly.


Old Kitty said...

What a lovely dream! Thanks too for the clip - as I've not heard the song so it;s good to hear what you were singing in your dreams! Take care

Melissa Bradley said...

I know what you mean. I have incredibly vivid dreams, too, and I have taken to sleeping with a notebook so I can remember them. I have worked out some troublesome plot points that way.

Love that singing author dream. :) I can't sing and people's ears will bleed if I tried. LOL

Draven Ames said...

For some reason, I can see the image pretty vividly and it has me laughing. I would love the same kind of dreams, as long as they stay out of the realm of horror.

Draven Ames

Lauracea said...

It's why lots of people keep notepads by their beds, so they can jot their dreams down. No good for me,I'm afraid. All my dreams are the same - I'm INSECURE LOL

Melissa Ann Goodwin said...

It's funny, I rarely remember my dreams now, but when I do, I know it's because there is something important or deeply meaningful there that I need to think about!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Aw, man, I'm so envious! I keep note cards and a pen on my bedside table to write down my dreams, but I rarely remember them. You're lucky that you do!

Matthew Vanacore said...

Nice post! I love dreaming, so much so, sometimes I just don't wanna get up (and it has nothing to do with enjoying sleep, though I like that too). Nice blog also!

JF said...

Nice! I once dreamed that the late Tupac Shakur asked middle-aged me to dance in one of his music videos, a dream so incongruous in every regard that I woke up laughing. Light bulb: maybe I can cartoon that dream on my blog [stay tuned...]. Thanks for following me--I look forward to reading more of your posts. JF

Better is Possible said...

Beautiful dreamer.......... great description of your dream. Much better than nightmares.

Anonymous said...

Every so often I have one that I remember..then I head for the onlime dream dictionary to see what it meant.
thanks for dropping in on thefeatehrednest

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