Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V is for Vital

As I pondered the V word I wanted to use, I kept coming back to vital. Not sure why this word called to me, but here we go.

a : existing as a manifestation of life b : concerned with or necessary to the maintenance of life <vital organs> vital fluids>
: full of life and vigor : animated
: characteristic of life or living beings
a : fundamentally concerned with or affecting life or living beings: as (1) : tending to renew or refresh the living : invigorating b : of the utmost importance vital clue> <vital>
: recording data relating to lives
: of, relating to, or constituting the staining of living tissues 
I LOVE this word. We all know we have vital organs that sustain us through life, but I'd like to take a different road here. What in your life is vital to your happiness? What is vital to your feeling fulfilled? For me? It's hands down, my family. Especially my children.

As I sat in church on Easter Sunday, I watched my five kids, Jake--my oldest who is almost six feet tall, extraordinarily good looking, athletic and smart, yet loving, helpful and one of my best buds. Seth, who struggles with being the 'second son,' yet who is compassionate, smart, loves puzzles, games and playing with his Pokemon cards. Heidi, my gorgeous, beautiful, sensitive daughter, who has the spiritual gifts of being able to see auras and spirits. I envy that. I adore her. Gabe, who struggles to feel like he belongs, but is such a hard worker and so obedient. His giant dimples melt my heart. Last of all, there's Wyatt-my sweet little miracle baby. He's so happy, so innocent, so loved. My last two are adopted, yet I feel as though I gave them birth myself. 

These children are vital to my life and happiness. My husband, my partner and my best friend, and I, would be lost without them. How do parents survive the loss of a child? May God grant me a reprieve from ever experiencing that particular trial.

And may He bless you and your families. They are what make life worth living. Today, remember to hug and kiss those you love and consider your family.


Jess said...

What a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing something special about each of them :)

Geoff Maritz said...

Hello Melissa, stopped in to say Hi. and to thank you for following my blog. I've joined your following too if you don't mind.
It is so refreshing to hear a mom talk so positively about her children and husband. Some of the things I hear people saying about their kids I would never say but then nor would you. Like you I really love my family and can understand just how much pride you must feel in them. God bless this family. Geoff.

Monti said...

What a fantastic family! Thank you for sharing a little bit about each one of them. They are fortunate to have a lovely, caring mom!


Jennifer said...

What a lovely post and such a beautiful family. I could not agree more I would be lost if it were not for my husband and children. Thanks for sharing with us.

Old Kitty said...

Awwww what a lovely post!! Thank you for sharing a little bit about your wonderful family! The pic says it all - happy, confident and with so much love!! Take care

Shirley Wells said...

What a lovely post. I just love that photo too. That's one to treasure!

I agree with you. So long as our nearest and dearest are safe and happy, all is well in our world.

Corinne O'Flynn said...

You've got a beautiful family. :)

I've awarded you the STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD! Please visit my blog to pick up the award banner and read the simple rules. Thanks!



Lauracea said...

I can see why you're so proud of them. Love this feel-good post. Thank you.

Melissa Ann Goodwin said...

What a beautiful family you have, and a beautiful post.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted a picture of your family, Melissa. Family is THE most important thing in our lives (family IS forever). I've been doing a lot of soul searching this week about how I'm spending my time, and what's most important. You've expressed it perfectly here. It's family. Children. Grandchildren (in my case).

These beautiful faces have brightened my day. Thank you!
Ann Best, Memoir Author

Better is Possible said...

Beautiful family! Thanks for expressing so well how vital our families our. My sentiments match yours. God bless!

doreen said...

What a great post. My husband is remembering his 17 year old son who died of suicide 15 years ago today; and I missing my little brother who died 12 years ago today. Do not blink and always remember to say I love you. We both did on those sorrowful days.
You have a beautiful family..I have an adopted daughter and I love her so much it hurts:)

Raquel Byrnes said...

So sweet and so well said. Here's to the blessing of family.
Edge of Your Seat Romance

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

You've done an awesome job with the A to Z Challenge ~ very impressive!!!

I suck!

Following back :-D

Nicole Mc said...

This was beautiful! For some reason, it makes my day to hear about women who are happy with their husbands. At this point in my life too many friends marriages are ending and that breaks my heart. It was great to hear about your family! What a great looking bunch.

Jo Schaffer said...

(= Great post. Makes you think. So much to be gratefiul for.

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