Monday, April 18, 2011

O is for Occipital

Some of you may or may not know where your occipital is. It's the bone at the base of your skull that sits right on top of your vertebrae. The reason I chose this particular O word is because this particular bone frequently gives me grief and is frequently on my mind. You could say that my head is never quite screwed on straight . . . because of this bone. Sigh.

I did go to the chiropractor today though, so my head is screwed on straight at the moment. =)


Lydia K said...

Hope it stays screwed on, ha ha. Great post!

the writing pad said...

I can see how this bone would always be at the back of your mind ...
Great post - enjoyed it :-)
All best, Karla

Melissa Ann Goodwin said...

That's hilarious! It reminds me of a children's book that I still have, about Lucey McLocket, whose head was not screwed on just right!

Old Kitty said...

Oh - please take care!!!! Skulls are very fragile things!! All the best! x

Karen Mortensen said...

Good word. I never knew I had one of these. I wonder if that is one of my problems.

James Garcia Jr said...

Thanks for the post, Melissa. *raises forkful of carrot cake your direction* Here's hoping your head always stays screwed on.

Sorry for the cake tease. I shouldn't be eating it either since dinner will be soon...I just can't help myself.
Take care.


Ilene said...

No, I did not know what the occipital is. Hope I don't have to remember this for a test!
Met you through A-Z Blogging Challenge. My blog is

Not Just Another Mother Blogger! said...

Occipital is one bone I did know, so that's the first thing I've done right today! :)

Blaze McRob said...

The heck with the brain. I want those teeth!

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