Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wishes or weeds?

Do you like the new look? I decided I needed a change and since it's winter time, I thought this scene fit. I've always been one for change. It started as early as 2nd grade when I stayed in from recess and re-arranged my whole classroom. Needless to say, no one thought it was as awesome as I did. Not even the teacher. Go figure.

Sometimes, when you're trying to pull yourself out of a funk, change is good. So, right now, I am taking a bit of a writing break. I've given my book, The Eye of Tanub, to a couple of friends to critique, I finished nanowrimo in eleven days, and now, I'm going to just sit back with my terrible head-cold, embracing the cough and runny nose, and play World of Warcraft. Don't hate me for my vice. It helps me forget the world of writing for a while and that's what I want to do. It's better than . . . well, I won't name other vices. Who am I to judge? hehe

I want to share one thing before I sign off.

A woman was driving by a huge field and realized that the beautiful carpet of yellow she was seeing was really just a mass of dandylions. They covered the ground in the thousands. She thought of how terrible it would be to try and clear that field for planting. Then, her small daughter piped up exclaiming, "Oh Mommy! Look at all the wishes just waiting to be made!" The field didn't have just a blanket of yellow but also the plump, round spheres of cottony seedlings, just waiting to fly off with the mellowest of breezes.

So, which do you see? Wishes or weeds?

From now on, I'm a wishes girl.


Jeri said...

I think the winter scene is lovely...

enjoy your writer's vacation!

Charlotte said...

What a great thought.

KarenG said...

Love your new look. You finished Nanowrimo in 11 days? Did I hear this right? Holy crap, you're a writing machine. I like the wishes & weeds, it's like the expression is your glass half full or half empty. Happiness is a choice, as they say. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

The Red Angel said...

What a great post! =) I always try to look on the bright side of things, even when the prospects look bleak. Very good lesson there...I shall be a "Wishes" girl too. :D

I love the new look by the way, it's very seasonally appropriate hehe.



Old Kitty said...

Yay!! Your new look blog is just terrific!! I feel quite chrismassy now!! It's so sweet how your re-arranged your classroom! Awww!

I would like to think that I'd see a field of dandylions as the child does too!!! :-)

Good luck with nano!! And all the best with The Eye of Taub!!!

Have a great Thanksgiving and I hope you get better. Take care

Clarissa Draper said...

I love the background. And you're right, change is great when you're in a funk.

Angie said...

The new look is great. I love that story. Congrats on finishing Nano! Enjoy the holiday and your break!

Fran said...

Love your blog's new winter coat.

Anonymous said...

I've never thought about dandelion seeds as wishes before. I like it! I've always been a weeds girl, but I think that should change. (But I still don't want them in my yard!)

Love the new look!

Sandy said...

Nice post. Sometimes you do just need to take a break and re-group. My brother-in-law is addicted to "Warcraft" Love your winter scene. How do you get an image to show in the background like that? I'm enjoying your blog, great writing

Melissa J. Cunningham said...

Sandy- it's an option in advanced settings. Just play around with it.

Debbie said...

Love your winter scene! As for weeds and wishes, I like wishes but I have seen some beautiful weeds!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Vicki Rocho said...

I love dandelions! When we moved back to Iowa, I'd take my daughter out and she'd pick bouquets so big, I could barely hold them in MY hands. She'd hold them and pretend she was a bride. So sweet. (Isn't Dandelion Bride a great title?)

I definitely see wishes.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. I remember Dandelion weeds and, when I was young, blowing them into the sky.

I just made a comment on your latest post about your new blog look. Awesome!!

Abby Minard said...

Change is good sometimes. I'm like you- When we were renting, I always found something wrong with the place and we moved every year. Now that we own our house, I always feel the need to rearrange the furniture, buy new furniture or do something big to the house to satisfy my need for change.

Hope you feel better, and takin ga break is nice. Especially around the holidays!

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