Sunday, January 17, 2010

One down. How many to go?

It feels so good to have finished the first set of edits on my book! I tried to mail it all back to Kristine but of course, the post offices were closed! And it was only 2:30 in the afternoon. Ah well. So I have to wait until Tuesday.

I have to say, it is SO much better than the original version. I'm amazed how easy it has become to change, delete and correct. In one scene at the end, I re-wrote quite a bit, changing the entire mood of that scene. I like it much better now.

So now I wait and wonder what my editor will think. Will she like it? I know she thinks some of my chapter endings are weak. I wonder how in the world will I make them better, but just like everything else, it will happen and I'll love the finished product.

I can't tell you how much I have learned through just this part of the process. I am amazed and feel so bad at what Kristine had to wade through the first time! What a mess. Especially considering how much work it took to correct! There were even a couple chapters she gave up on and told me to fix--streamlining them better--and then send them back. Yikes! I am such an amateur!

Once again, I just want to thank WiDo for taking me in, training me, and grooming me for this wonderful adventure we're on together. I'm so happy they are willing to take me further, that they have the faith that I have the ability to make this book great! (with their help, of course.)

Anyway, I'm tired. Going to rest for a couple of days! Man, that editing takes a lot out of you!


KarenG said...

I like your attitude! And I'm sure it wasn't as bad as all that.

L.T. Elliot said...

You sound so happy and fulfilled. I'm excited for you and I'm looking forward to hearing about how your editor liked the new scene. =]

Rebecca Talley said...

Editing is like drilling into your head with a dull drill bit. No fun. When you're happy with the result then it makes it worth it.

elizabeth mueller said...

I don't think you are such an amateur for having to rewrite your work. Every author goes through that. I know some of them are published without very much editing, but many published authors send their works through their critique groups and alpha readers first before getting it to their editor.
Even so, the editor always wants it to be better--according to what s/he sees fit!

Nice job, Melissa!

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