Monday, September 16, 2013

Bully Awareness Month!

My publisher is offering a fun giveaway in honor of Bully Awareness month!!! Go to THIS link to enter!

If there is anything I can't stand, and I mean CAN'T STAND, it's a bully, and they come in all shapes and sizes, and of all ages. Who would believe that there are such things as adult bullies, but there are.

My sweet, perfect, little six-year-old had a run-in with a bully just this week. The stupid kid, who is probably about his age pushed him down the slide and also on that same day punched him in the stomach. Oh, watch out! Mama Bear is a comin'. My boy told his teacher and the kid's mom was called in. I also spoke to the teacher, wanting something done about it immediately.

I will not tolerate it. There is a kid at school who torments my  nine-year-old too. My son, G,  told me this kid tried to choke him when he lost the kick-ball to G. I told G to sock that kid in the nose if it ever happens again. He doesn't have to stand there and let the kid hurt him. G has some autistic tendencies and is VERY non-violent. I think he would be terrified to fight back, but kids like him need all the confidence they can get. I also told him if he is ever mean or starts a fight, he'll be dead meat when he gets home. LOL

I don't believe in violence, but I also don't believe in not standing up for yourself. Sometimes it gets to a point where you have to, and because we all know that bullies are chicken at heart, standing up for yourself usually does the trick. Not in all cases, but hopefully in most. Anyway, this is just my two cents.


Neurotic Workaholic said...

I'm so sorry that your sons are being bullied. Shame on those bullies for hurting them, and good for you for protecting them. I remember that teachers told us to just ignore the bullies, but that never made them stop; the whole point of bullying (in their minds) was to provoke people into responding.

Melissa J. Cunningham said...

Thank you!

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