Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Treatment for my Lyme

I thought I would chronicle my journey through this jungle of Lyme, so it is time for another post to keep you posted, because I know the whole world is waiting on pins and needles for me. ;)

Anyway . . . I went to see my new doctor, and let me just say, I am very impressed. He's an ND which is a naturopath, and at first I was hesitant. I think we are conditioned to believe that if there is no MD at the end of their name, they are not as educated or validated. I mean really. Herbs? Natural antibiotics? How can they possibly be as good as the "real" stuff.

This doctor came highly recommended but I am not going to mention his name here. If you are interested in knowing who I go to message me privately. He went to medical school in Portland and has the same number of years of educations as a regular MD.

The first thing he told me is that in people who have been carrying Lyme around for a very long time, regular antibiotics don't work well. They make the Lyme dig deeper and become stronger, and the antibiotic ruins the person's immune system and makes them feel like crap . . . for years. Because this cycle is done over and over to kill the bacteria, and never succeeding.

The first thing I need to do, he says, is a toxic clean-up. One of the reasons Lyme patients are so inflamed on the inside is because of the toxins filling their body. So I am doing a variety of cleanses, from nasal cleanses to certain kinds of enemas (which I will not discuss here because it's just too damn gross). I've been doing these cleanses now for 5 days and OH MY WORD! They work. I feel SO much better, but that is also because I'm working up slowly to the correct dosage of my natural antibiotics, and when I get to a dose that is really doing something I will begin my herxheimer reactions. Because of the rapid kill-off, when you take antibiotics--natural or not--most people will feel worse for a while. I can control that by how many drops of my herbal stuff I take.

Right now I am on two different kinds of drops. Banderol and Samento. I'm also using colloidal silver 2-3 times a day. (for those of you who have opinions about natural antibiotics, please keep them to yourself). I will do anything, try anything, to get better. He also wants me to use a rife machine that I have access to. We have to be careful though, because you don't want the kill-off to be too fast. That isn't good for you either.

I also still take my Protandim which I truly believe has kept me going as it gets rid (at a high, rapid rate) of free radicals and oxidative stress. I take my B vitamins religiously and also a high quality multi-vitamin. I have to take Pectonate 6 times a day. That stuff binds to toxins and takes them out of the body so that the toxins don't keep building up. It's part of the toxic cleanup, but it tastes like dirt. I have to add stevia to get it down. I am also taking thyroid and progesterone as the Lyme has totally screwed up my hormones and I've gain 15 lbs or so. I don't weigh myself any more. It's too depressing., but at least now that my hormones are leveling out and my hair has stopped falling out so rapidly.

I'm supposed to drink a ton of water that has a bit of salt in it, because my body is not holding water and it runs right through me. I'm pretty dehydrated if I don't do this, but let me just say. I don't love it. I'm also supposed to stick to my anti-inflammatory diet which means no sugar, no dairy, no red meat, no processed foods, and no fun.

So, unless I have forgotten anything, this is my regimen, my day. It's not fun, and I still have to rest a ton, but I'm on my way.

Oh, just a side note. When I first got my test results two weeks ago I asked my regular doctor to call the lab doc who had told me I definitely had Lyme. (my regular doc didn't know how to interpret my results and thought they were negative, remember?) Anywho . . . he finally got back to me. TODAY!! It took him two weeks to call that doc and to then have his nurse call me. She said that my doc, after speaking with the specialist at the lab, wants to put me on Doxycycine for 28 days. Well, he is too little, too late.

My new doctor calls me back the same day I call. Even when I wasn't his patient in the beginning he called me back the same day, and when I went to his office it was full. Just like any other doctor out there. I really like a doctor who makes me feel important, like I matter, like my health is worth his attention. I told my other doctor's nurse that I had found a specialist and would be going with him. I wasn't rude, but I'm also not going to pussy foot around any more. I just don't have the energy for it.

At least that makes three doctors who have validated my diagnosis . . . finally.


Misha Gericke said...

I really hope the cures you take (natural or not) work.

By The Sword said...

I wish you good health and strength.

Neurotic Workaholic said...

Good for you for sticking to your regimen, though it definitely sounds tough. But at least you're feeling better, and I hope that you will continue to feel and get better.

Murees Dupé said...

I am just happy that you can now at least try some kind of treatment to either make the Lyme go away, or to improve your health drastically. Best of luck on your journey of treatment.

Chuck said...

I am really happy you got your diagnosis and that you are taking natural steps to work with your body.

Is it okay if I mention my opinions on naturopathic treatment if I am being supportive for you? ;)

I have read about the Rife machine and it has been used to cure cancers so I am interested to hear how your treatment with that goes.

Be excited! You are going to get better and with any chemical and toxic treatments. Bravo for you Melissa.

Kris said...

I would get the doxy just so you can be considered a true Lymie, ha ha. What I mean by that is horde antibiotics when you get the chance, lol. But alas if you aren't going to take the doxy it doesn't matter because you can't keep it long. That's one antibiotic that becomes very toxic if you take it past a certain expiration date. Lyme opened my eyes up to alternative as well though most of my treatment is more mainstream. Just like MDs, there are good and bad NDs. I like to give myself a little laugh in thinking that when you open a Lymie's medicine cabinet you find they've horded antibiotics as opposed to those who fake illnesses where you find they horde pain pills. The thought just gives me a good chuckle. Good luck with treatment. I'm all for finding out what works for you and your body.

Melissa J. Cunningham said...

I totally hear ya, Kris. I don't care whether an MD or an ND treats me as long as they know what they're doing! LOL That was my problem. I couldn't find an MD in Utah who knew how to deal with Lyme or who even knew what exactly it is and does. That didn't give me much faith. That's why I went to this ND. I have a gut level feeling that we're going about it the right way, and let me just say, these natural antibiotics are working. I'm herxing pretty good today. But a day in bed, watching movies . . . it does a girl good!

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Elsie Park said...

I'm so sorry to hear you have to go through all of this. A fellow author of mine, Amie Borst (author of YA book Cinderskella) struggles with Lyme disease too. You are both so strong and long-suffering to go through what you do. Bless your hearts!

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