Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Next Step

The second step of my journey took immense courage, at least for me. It was the step of convincing my doctor that he needed to trust my judgement and that whatever I have is bacterial like the iridologist claims. I wanted him to embrace the idea of learning more about Lyme and that what most doctors "know" about it, isn't all that accurate.

Asking a modern day doctor to do that is huge. Most feel they know it all, they rely only on their intellect, and don't put much stock in what the patient "knows or feels."
Lyme Spirochete Bacteria

Maybe my my view is a bit skewed but I've known plenty of doctors who either laugh or just shake their head at the patient who "knows" what they're talking about.

Anywho . . . My doctor is relatively young, probably in his mid thirties, which plays well into my favor. At that age, they're not too cocky and are still willing to learn . . . usually.

So when he called me, my heart raced and I was afraid. I didn't want to come across as a know it all or demanding. I didn't want to seem like I was smart enough to diagnose myself, or that he had to do what I wanted or else.

It ended up being a great conversation. He was totally open to my ideas, feelings and suggestions. He sat at his computer (wherever he was) and studied the latest info while we spoke. He was totally willing to test my blood and send it to IgeneX in California. (The #1 diagnostic lab in the US for Lyme disease testing). He was cool about it all, and I hope to make him the Lyme expert of northern Utah. :)

Here is the problem. The full work up at IgeneX if $475.00 without insurance. I just can't come up with that kind of money before Christmas. It wouldn't be fair to my kids especially since It's going to be a lean one anyway. That's fine. I don't mind waiting. I just worry that the Lyme will get worse. Some things (Lyme damage) can't be reversed.

Spirochetes attacking a cell
And will natural antibiotics (colloidal silver and Oregon Grape) affect the results? Does anyone know the answer to that? The test looks for antibodies in the blood, not the actual virus. So if you're using an antibiotic, will your body still produce it's own antibodies? It's tricky. The tests have an 80-85% sensitivity. That means there's a 15-20% chance it will come back negative when I really have it.

And the earlier you catch it isn't always better. The longer you have Lyme, the more antibodies you'll have, the easier it is to diagnose. Many early patients can't get diagnosed until their symptoms worsen. YIKES!!! They say that past the three month mark is best and I'm right about at the three month mark, so I could go either way. I don't want to wait, but should I anyway?

And, my friends, do I wait and take natural antibiotics in the interim? Or wait and not take natural antibiotics and hope it doesn't get worse?

So that is where I am. At a crossroad. I hate a confusing crossroad.


Faith E. Hough said...

Yikes...Lyme disease is scary. It's really common around here (I live in CT, which is Lyme's home turf), so the advantage is our doctors tend to be very aware of the possibilities and complications. If you can manage it, I'd try to deal with it as soon as possible. I have a friend who has severe speech impediments due to Lyme disease that wasn't treated soon enough.
Best of luck, and feel better soon!

Better is Possible said...

There is a young girl (in her 20s) I know who has just come through a long battle with Lyme Disease. Here's a link to her blog.
She has included links to other sites.
Best wishes.

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James Duckett said...

Oh, wow. I just read this and the prior post. I pray that you find the answered you need, and the correct answers. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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