Monday, July 2, 2012

A quick visit

Okay. So I said I was turning over a new leaf, but it didn't seem to affect the frequency of my writing here. And I've been nudged, so here I am.

I've found, with facebook, that I can jot down little thoughts here and there, and it fills that place in me that likes to blog. So my poor blog suffers.

For those of you who don't know. I am a mother of five. My parents raised nine, but five seems huge to me. How did they do it? There are days when I want to cover my head with a pillow and scream, but most of all, I love it. My kids are growing up and it's much easier and more fun than when they were little.

The oldest is sixteen and the youngest is five. It also helps that I'm taking my bioidenticle hormones. It's amazing how much your hormones can screw you up if you're unbalanced. So I plug away at my days, thinking, thinking, thinking, and trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Most of the time I want to be a writer, but I'm also trying to build my Protandim business. I also try to make myself sit down and actually write. That's a hard one lately. With it being summer, there are so many distractions and the heat . . . oh, the heat. How I hate to concentrate when I'm sweating to death.

This year I have taken more interest in my yard. My sister, who is a master gardener, came up and got me started and helped me arrange my flower garden that has never thrived in ten years due to my idiot dogs. This year, it's splendid! Thanks, Karen!

My husband plans to help his brother move on my birthday. I'm super irritated. I know they have tons of friends who are most likely planning to help. I'm selfish, I know. It's something I'm working on.

So there it is. My five minutes of summer writing. I will try to do it again in the next few days. I will be sitting on pins and needles to see if I really do.


Rob-bear said...

Thanks for sharing. I didn't realize you were trying to be mom and a start-up business owner. What a challenging combination!

And yes, Facebook does intrude sometimes, or often, on blogging. Which is why I severely limit my involvement in Facebook. I find it is not really a good platform for thoughtful, thorough conversation.

Hope you have a wonderful summer.

Old Kitty said...

Enjoy your gardening, your children and building your business!! And your writing!! Blogging is like not really a priority in the whole scheme of things!! Yay! Take care

anthony stemke said...

Keeping busy like this will keep you young.

Maalai said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nick Wilford said...

Hey, I'll take some of that heat off your hands. Tried to go to the park today for the first time in the school holiday and got rained home after half an hour! And we were eating a picnic at the time...

Oh, and speaking as a husband myself, I would definitely say that is a big no no. :P

MTeacress said...

Well, even though it's been more than a few days, it's still July. ;)

Judy Harper said...

I understand! I plan on writing more and then life gets in the way! Nice to read about others who go through the same thing!

Amanda Anderson said...

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