Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finish the Race!

It's about time to check in here! Sorry for the radio silence, but my life has been super busy and crazy. I just sent my oldest son off for a varsity scout river rafting trip. That worries me a bit. I've been working, working, working, and taking kids to allergy specialists and all sort of other things. I had a piece of an ear plug break off in my ear and then get infected (whole nother story there) I'm also going to start a series of hormone testing because I'm so out of whack. I'm going to try bioidentical hormone therapy. People swear by it and since I'm desperate . . . .  Mostly I'm just exhausted all the time and I can hardly function, but enough of that!

Mainly I just wanted to give all of you out there in cyberspace the encouragement to keep following your dream. If you're anything like me, you get discouraged and at times want to quit. Don't! You may see your close friends get contracts, or win contests, or finish and start new manuscripts and feel like it's just too hard for you to do too.

I feel your pain.

Any yet, there is something inside that makes me keep going. Sometimes I take time a time out to re-boot. Maybe you do too, but I always come back to my goals. If you want to finish that book,  write just one page a day. You can do that. If you want to get published, polish your query letter and keep sending it out.

Yeah, it's super freakin' hard and way discouraging, but what else are you planning to do for the next fifty years? Don't let anyone rob you of happiness. Do those things that make you happy, that give your life meaning. If you're a painter, paint. If you're a sculptor, sculpt. If you're a writer, and I'm betting most of you reading this are, THEN WRITE!

Finish the race!


Better is Possible said...

Thanks for the encouraging words. I'm not a writer, but your message is meaningful and timely. Thanks. Hope the Hormone replacement helps. I've heard it can be quite therapeutic.

S.B.Niccum said...

Dude, you sound like me! I just got done getting tested for the whole hormone thing for the same reasons! Good luck girl!
S.B. Niccum
Author Website

Lisa said...

Hey Melissa,
Thanks for the encouraging words, I'm still trying to locate my race, I'm sure it's there somewhere. Good-luck with the hormones and maybe consider having your vitamin D level checked, it's the new "thing". Mine was critically low. P.S. I missed you during radio silence.

Rob-bear said...

Sorry you've been going through some tough stuff, Melissa. Here's hoping that you'll find something that'll help you pick up and finish your race.
I'm doing better, and hoping everyone is, too.
Blessings and Bear hugs.

Old Kitty said...

I am so sorry to hear of all your woes - I hope the summer months ahead will get better for all of you. You are such a strong and strong-willed person - I just know you are finishing many races and going to complete many more!! Yay!!

But please do take care too! x

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

I hear ya! I've been there. Hanging in there.

Peggy Eddleman said...

Haha-- I LOVE the picture you chose! And thanks for the encouragement. I hope you figure out what's wrong and get huge amounts of energy back!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

You're absolutely right. It's like when someone says they're "too old" to go back for their medical degree or to pursue whatever dream they may have, because they'd be X years old by the time they finished, to which I always reply, you'll be X years old if you DON'T do it, too. So why not go for it? All we can count on is today, so we might as well reach for our dreams while we can.

Alexander Field said...

Thanks for the encouragement today! : )

junebug said...

Oh wow! A piece of ear plug broke off and infected? That is crazy. I hope you get all in balance soon. Hormones are such a mess. I've never heard about bioidentical hormone therapy. I'll have to check into it.

Thanks for the uplifting post!

Amanda Trought said...

Great words of encouragement, thanks for sharing, I'm right behind you as well, as one of your cheerleaders! :D Blessings, Amanda

Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity
Art Blog

Geoff Maritz said...

1Corinthians9 verse 24 says, "You know (do you not) that at the sports all the runners run the race, though only one wins the prize. Like them, run to win!" Now that is, in my opinion, good advice.
Thanks for this post, it has just reminded me of why I write a blog.
God bless your health and endurance, Geoff.

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

Summer is a busy time. Can't imagine how you're getting through feeling like you do. Hope they find out what's going on with your hormones.

And despite what you've gone through you're cheering everyone on. Bless you!

Misha said...

Great encouragement. We all need this reminder every now and then.

I hope the bioidentical hormone therapy works for you. :-)

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Oh, please let us know how his rafting trip went. I worry for things like that, too... *hugs*

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Shari said...

Yes, I always come back. It feels like a slow process, but no matter what happens, I'll keep writing my stories.

Toyin O. said...

Thanks for your encouragement.

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