Tuesday, September 28, 2010

By any other name?

So here is my latest irritation concerning my up and coming, soon to be published novel. I don't love the title. Honestly, I picked it randomly.

When I was writing the story, fast and furiously, I just picked a random name off the top of my head. Since I speak Spanish, the name, Tanúb popped into my head. I wasn't really thinking hard, or trying to find something fantastic. I fully intended to revisit this choice of names. (The Eye of Tanúb is something in the story, obviously)

Well, my publisher likes it. I've wracked my brain for a name I like better, but the only ones I come up with are too pretty and no boy in his right mind would pick it up and read it, so I've come to accept that Tanúb is it. That's okay, but no one, and I mean NO ONE pronounces it right. For those of you who speak Spanish, you'll know how to say it, but the rest of the population slaughters it, which is surprising, considering it's such a teeny, tiny word.

I've considered writing it as Tanube instead. It's pronounced with the accent on the second half of the word and sounds like Tanoob. My editor does not like this spelling as it looks too much like boob. I agree! LOL

Any thoughts?

Oh well. Maybe it's meant to be. Why do I kick against the pricks? Do I have to be so dang nit-picky? Good grief, no. So, long story short. I will keep it The Eye of Tanúb. So there.


Joanna St. James said...

Hey at least the eye of Tanub is uncommon and will stand out.

Cheri Chesley said...

Keep it! :) I don't want to have to change the info on my endorsement from you lol.

Seriously, though, is there a place where you can include the pronunciation? Just as a simple Tanub (Tanube), or, like in Harry Potter, have a character mispronounce it (like Viktor did with Hermione's name) and have someone else correct them? Up till book 4, I think 90% of readers mispronounced her name!

Be creative, you can do it!

LTM said...

I like it! And I pronounced it correctly the first time... was able to check it w/your handy dandy little boob helper there...

I'd drop "The Eye of" too bulky.

but that's just my two cents. Oh, and I left you something on my blog. That is all. :D

Angie said...

Well, I like the title. It sparks interest and sounds a little exotic. I was pronouncing it correctly even though I don't speak Spanish. I'm not trying to brag, just saying that it's probably not as bad as you think. :)

Jamie said...

I thinks it's a cool title...very different, which is what you want on the shelf, right?

By the way, you won a signed copy of Airhead by Meg Cabot in my giveaway, but I can't find your email address! Email me at jmanni32@yahoo.com, please, and congrats!

PK Hrezo said...

Hi, Melissa. I found your blog n Leigh's That's Write and hopped over. I like the original spelling... it's more authentic and I don't think it needs to be made simple. Part of reading means learning and being exposed to differnt languages is fantastic. Anyone who's had any Spanish in school will know how to pronunce it, and if they don't, they can ask and learn a little something. :)

Old Kitty said...

Tanub with the accent thingy on u sounds ever so exotic and intriguing - like some vengeful Egyptian god(dess) about to smite anyone who digs up his/her tomb!

Take care

Jeri said...

I say keep it. I don't speak spanish but I was saying it tan.oob How else do people pronounce it?

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Hey, gorgeous! You know, I really love the name. It's very catchy. It makes me wonder what it is. It's quite alluring. Go with the flow. I promise, it's a great one!!!

Thanks for dropping by my blog!!

Misha said...

I think that if you're going to keep the name, you're just going to have to resign yourself to the fact that people will misspronounce it.

Just make sure that people prnounce it right on interviews etc.


arlee bird said...

I think a title should intrigue the read to be curious about the story and lure them to read it.
I think your title does it.
I'd stay with the Spanish since it's accurate. Tanoob looks like the name of a food from India.
Spanish is and is becoming so prevalent that more people know the correct pronunciaton and the rest are going to learn soon.

Besides how important is pronunciation so long as they know the spelling and can find the book on the shelf.

Tossing It Out

Avenues of Awareness said...

I am sure that with all your press releases and when Good Morning America interviews you, speaking it properly you will educate the masses on it's pronunciation.

Here's the deal-- when we read half the time we slaughter words. For instance, I heard a VERY famous person say the other day in a press conference -- fruition. It's a great word, she used it correctly, but she said fruit-ation,

People will get lost in your book. Look at Tolkin, hell most of his words are not even real words they are made up words and still in our heads, are slaughtered.

I don't like the boob word connection either.

I would leave it, and not fret a second about it.

I am still curious as to what you have chosen to be your pen name.

Love ya

Kate said...

I like the title, and I was pronouncing it right. I'm not a Spanish speaker unless two years of HS classes counts.

G.M. Browning said...

Hello Melissa. Thank you for stopping by my blog, Fiction Addiction. I appreciate your support and kind words.

As for your recent post regarding the title of your book, I think you should try harder to find a title that really excites you. Just because your editor loves it, doesn't mean that you should too. So, keep thinking.

Imagine this, you are sitting at a table at Barnes and Nobles signing books. What will you have to catch the eye of the customers and draw them in? I do not speak spanish and honestly, as a customer, wouldn't be interested in your book with that current title. I'd continue past the table and head down the isle to the books that have gripping titles.

Let's say I had a book titled "In the Shadow," but the characters were german and so I put the title as "In the Schatten." Do you see my point?

I'm not trying to be harsh, but take it from me, I know the feeling of wishing your book was different. My first novel was published in 06 and when it was released, it was FULL of typos and the binding was poor. I did the signings in the store with the book like this feeling embarrassed. I wanted to snatch them up and throw them away. (the publisher has since closed, and the book is out of print.)

We are lucky to have WIDO Publishing in our corner to help us make our books the best they can be. You need to be 100% pleased with the product. If you're not, don't let it hit the stores!!! Good luck.

A Pen In Neverland: Angela Peña Dahle said...

I love titles with Spanish names. Maybe you should let it be what it will be. Que sera sera. I will say with a title like that, I would definitely pick up the book to figure out what it was about. It will probably do that for others as well. Just sayin'. I applaud all of your hard work! Titles are my favorite part of writing.

DLCurran said...

If it gives you any peace of mind, I pronounced your title correctly and I don't speak Spanish. (I just can't type it with that thingy over the 'u') Of course, it could have just been luck ;) Nice blog you have here!

kbrebes said...

I LOVE your title THE EYE OF TANUB!!! And, I pronounced it correctly! Hooray! I'm anxious to see the real deal in a bookstore! Best of luck!

Melissa J. Cunningham said...

Thank you so much, you guys! That makes me happy. The title's growing on me. I totally get what GM is saying too. The last thing you want is to be embarrassed by your book. I've gotten so many positive comments about the title though, that I do want to keep it . . . I think! LOL

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