Thursday, December 24, 2009


Happy Christmas Eve! I can't believe another year has gone by. It really flew!

My sisters came up to hang out and let the cousins play. I love it when that happens. It put the cabash on any writing or editing I should have been doing, but I get kind of obsessive/compulsive on the computer anyway and need those forced breaks! We played Settlers. It was so nice!

Normally, we all meet at Sarah's because she's the one with a theater room, pool table, ping pong, air hocky, foos ball, swimming pool, massage room and everything else! We love going there. It's an atmosphere of happiness and fun. Thank you, Sarah, for all you give.

The thing I loved most was that my neice wanted to read the sequel I'm working on, The Celestine Sword. It's still in raw form, but she sat here and read 91 pages! Wow! Fast reader. Of course, she says she loves it. It makes me feel great that she would want to keep going, and going, and going! And let me just say . . . she's a READER! So a compliment from her is a big thing. She also said she fixed a few mistakes along the way. Good little editor! Thank you so much, Hannah!

This also makes me sit back and think about family. There have been a few times when I was ready to right them all off. Everyone's had that happen, I'm sure. But I can never stay mad. I love them too much and they are ALWAYS there for me. I had many friends say the were coming to see my play. None of them showed up for what ever reasons, but my sisters did and they had to drive a long way . . . in a huge snow storm! They knew how much it meant to me.

So, there you have it. What it all boils down to is family. Every family is dysfunctional. Every family has problems. Every family argues, but when push comes to shove, there's always a hug involved too.

And finally, I just want to say...Love your family. Your WHOLE family. Not just your spouse or children. Love that crazy aunt or annoying mother in law. Love that alcoholic uncle who ruins every activity, love that sister who can't cook, but thinks she can. Love that awful nephew who never shuts up, and the brother who never quits teasing. But most of all, love yourself. Love yourself enough to let it spill out of you and surround those who are close. That's why we're here, folks--to learn how to love. How well are you doing? (I may need to work on a few areas!)


M. Gray said...

I love playing Settlers. As long as I'm winning... or hanging in the game respectfully. If I'm losing terribly it is an AWFUL way to endure two, three, or SIX hours!!

elizabeth mueller said...

Hey Melissa!

I am glad that you enjoyed your family despite crazy stuff... I still want to get together with you to see Avatar! Call me or something--let us connect somehow and make plans before school resumes!!

Åshild said...

I am amazed at how well write my friend! I haven't read your blog in a long while, but everytime I do I admire your work. You say the right thing without it sounding superficial.
You are right - family is important. Even though I sometimes feel like a terrible mother and wife... I guess we've all been there. I really hope we can meet again sometime in the future!
Love, Åshild

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