Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Keep going

My goal is to not let so much time pass by between posts. So I want to say just a bit on perseverance.

How easy it would be to say I'm tired, that there are too many other things I should be doing. But do you know what? I can't. I just can't. I have fallen in love with writing. I'm having a torrid affair with words and I can't tear myself away.

At the moment, I'm working on a book I call "The Ivory Key." It's taking so much more research than my last book. There are quite a few dates and details that have to be accurate but it's such a fun story that I keep going back to it. Writing is supposed to be fun, and this book is, but it's different in that with this story, I have to plan, plot, and outline.

The last book I wrote simply dripped from my fingertips and onto the computer. I loved that. It was fast. I wrote it in about a months time. This time, I have to be clever, smart and organized. Yes, it's quite the stretch for me, but I'm learning and loving the process. It has taken longer than a month!

I also want to give a shout-out for my critique group buddies. They have made this book come alive. So often, people pass by the opportunity to share their work in this way. Because of my group, my characters and story go so much deeper, are much more compelling. Thanks guys.

So, there will be times when you can sit and write like there's no tomorrow and other times when you have to go slow, plan and outline. May your journey be one of wonder and fulfillment. Mine certainly has been. Thank you to all those who have mentored me along the way. My success is also yours.


Lisa M. said...

*smile* I wish you all the best in your delve with words. It's a beautiful love affair. I am so glad, that you are following your instincts.

One day, you'll be that writer I once, knew.

I love you.

Thank you so much for your verve.

Laura P said...

I think this is so applicable to ANYTHING we are trying to do...about not giving up...pushing through...

I LOVE that you are making your dreams come true!!!!

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