Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Woo Hoo!

Finally! Something exciting to write about! I just got my manuscript of "The Eye of Tanub" back from Phillip, my book mobile man. Phillip and I have been friends now for seven years. He critiqued my very first story last year. It came back in a huge mess of red corrections.

I cried and was depressed for about a week and almost gave up on writing altogether. I look back now and laugh in embarrassment. That manuscript had been a mess before he ever got it. I'd known nothing about writing and he'd made it clear that he thought so too.

I've been afraid to give him anything since because when he critiques, it's no holds barred!

Well, I've gone through the first fifty pages so far and his corrections are great and let me tell you, there is very LITTLE red! WOO HOO!!! You really have no idea how happy that makes me! In fact, at the end, on the last page he wrote, "Good!"

Coming from him, that's like a normal person saying, "GREAT!" He told me that he'd even gotten in to it a bit. (Which, once again, for him is fabulous!) He doesn't dole out compliments but I LOVE that he's so honest.

So, you understand my enthusiasm. Now, to get an agent to feel the same way.