Friday, May 22, 2009


Finally, a new post! I wanted to share something new. A new critique group has been born!

There were only three of us at first, but at our meeting at the library, this gal came in and overheard us critiquing a story. She piped in, gave her opinion on something she'd overheard, then told us she was a writer also and would love to get in on our group.

I thought it very interesting that she was there, right at the same time we were, and overheard what we were doing, and had the courage to speak up. She wasn't even going to go to the library last night, but ended up going anyway. We were in the magazine room and she needed to use the computer that was in there. Very strange the way things work out, huh?

She was very smart, and friendly, so of course, we invited her to join. It will be a fun time and I'm sure it will get us all moving quickly along. Yeah, serendipity!


Rachelle said...

Awesome! Critique groups are the lifeblood of successful writing if you ask me, but you didn't, but I told you anyway. :)
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Chantele said...

I just stumbled onto your blog from a comment you made on Josi Kilpack's blog.:) I am also an aspiring writer, and am trying to gather up courage to get an agent. I'm also trying to find a few writer friends!:) I have finished one novel, and am working on my second, and it is so scary! I sent my query to a few agents already and got asked for a partial, only to get rejected 10 days later. Oh well! First rejection hurts the most I guess! Anyway, I thought I would say hello, and don't give up! I'll take my own advice as well!;)

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