Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First official rejection

Okay, here I sit staring at the computer, trying to feel better. I got my first, official rejection letter from the agency that Stephanie Meyer's agent is with.

I know that everyone gets their book rejected, but I have to admit, I feel sad. I will keep trying of course, but in the mean time, I want to sit here and lick my wounds.

I found out today that my manuscript that Jake gave his friend to read, was given to that kid's dad too! I can not believe he gave it to his friend's DAD! MY WORD! The thing is, his dad read it and loved it! It wasn't even the copy that was edited well! Woo hoo! I wish he was an agent.

Jake certainly has a mind of his own and sincerely believes in the mantra . . . "it's easier to get forgiveness than permission."

And so it goes. I'll go now and feel sorry for myself some more while I watch American Idol. Until tomorrow when I do it all over again.


Tash said...

there mistake...when your famous you can laugh at all of them ;)

Annette Lyon said...

You aren't a real writer until you've been rejected. Welcome to the club!

Charlotte said...


Kudos for "staying on the horse" though.

Lisa M. said...

I totally agree with Tash! COMPLETELY

Kimberly said...

Just remember that it's not you or the book they're just rejecting. They haven't met you, and they haven't read the whole book. So much is luck. The right words in the right letter on the right desk at the right time. The more letters you send out the more chance!

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